How to store your jewellery

We asked John Calleija: What is the best way to store your jewellery to ensure years of joy and pleasure?

JC: "For bespoke jewellery, or any jewellery, to last a lifetime, it must be cared for correctly. Ensuring it is stored away from perfumes and solvents is a must and, above all, your jewellery should be kept away from abrasive materials and any harsh surfaces. This includes metals, glass and other hard surfaces. The solution is to store your jewellery wrapped in the appropriate materials, such as inside a cushioned jewellery box, soft fabric pouch or smaller pieces of tarnish-free fabric. This is particularly important regarding earrings, which should be split from their twin by placing each earring inside a piece of soft felt, or by placing both earrings inside individual pouches".

"I also suggest to ladies and gents who are attending functions and events to ensure they protect their rings when picking up a wine glass, or even when clapping their hands together where jewellery may contact other rings on the opposite hand. Overall, the value of your jewels relies on the standard in which they are kept over time. Limit tangles, tarnishing and damage by storing them well, and having them professionally cleaned regularly".