Valuing your diamonds

The importance of having your beautiful diamonds valued regularly is crucial to ensure they maintain their correct diamond price for insurance purposes. So we asked John Calleija, "What is the best way to go about having your treasures valued?"

JC: "First and foremost is to take your diamonds to a reputable jeweller to be assessed by an expert. It takes years of training and experience to become an expert Diamond Valuer -- they must know what to look for regarding all gemstones, and must be a Registered Valuer to value diamonds. The Diamond Valuer will judge your diamonds according to their carat weight, colour, clarity and cut.

At Calleija, we recommend that Pink Diamonds are valued every 1-2 years, and White Diamonds every two years. We’re often asked why one would have their diamonds valued so regularly, what is wrong with having them valued every five or ten years? Maintaining the current value of your diamonds is vital, particularly so in the event of loss, theft, divorce, family challenges, or anywhere an insurance claim may be required. Insurers need to know the current value of your diamonds, not the old values, so the more you keep this information up-to-date the better. Most insurance companies request an updated valuation every two years".

One of Calleija’s service policies is to provide a professional valuation, stamped and signed by John Calleija, upon purchase of any Calleija piece over $2000. For re-valuations, we request that clients bring their diamonds into Calleija, as the diamonds must be physically seen, inspected for wear-and-tear, and a fresh valuation done according to their current state. Due to our insurance policy, Calleija value Calleija-crafted jewellery only.  For non-Calleija jewellery, we can arrange to have your precious creations valued by another registered valuer as a courtesy, and those valuations are costed by the individual valuer. 

With diamond and gold prices rising all the time, be sure to keep your valuations up-to-date and you will have peace of mind that your diamonds are well and truly maintained at their correct diamond price.