Calleija design history

Thank you to our Facebook friend, Ros Kerlin, for her question to John Calleija:

"What is your favourite design that you have ever drawn?"

JC: I am always excited to design -- whether it’s new jewellery, a beautiful sculpture or building sandcastles with my daughter -- my life is filled with a genuine, innate passion for creativity. And I am creating something new virtually every day. When it comes to jewellery design, I am always trying to improve and hone my craft, and often say that my last design is my best, probably because I’m always excited about my latest creation! Having said that, I still love many designs from thirty years ago, and many of my colleagues, friends and family would probably point out several of these:

  • The Virtual Eros headpiece composed of 219 diamonds showcased at the Alexander McQueen catwalk collection in 2000
  • The world’s most expensive champagne glasses in 2008, made from hundreds of Argyle Pink and White Diamonds
  • 'Majestic Light' sculpture celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee at Kensington Palace in 2012
  • and Antoinette, one of my latest ring designs featuring an incredibly rare 1.05ct Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Argyle "Tender" Diamond

For me though, looking back, there is no design that I can really single out and say  ‘that one’ was my favourite. They all have their own special qualities. And I love them all.

Calleija's 'Virtual Eros' futuristic headpiece, featuring 44 carats of scintillating White Diamonds, won the 2000 De Beers International Design Award and was chosen to appear in the late Alexander McQueen’s catwalk collection