The Mystery of the Pink Diamond

Thank you to our Facebook friend, Melissa Brock, for her question to John Calleija:

"Is there truly a pink diamond? I've heard both yes and no"

JC: Yes there certainly is. But it is a mystery as to what creates the colour of these incredible treasures. Modern thinking is that during the formation of the diamond, over billions of years, a distortion of the molecular structure occurs in the stone layers, creating this beautiful quirk of Mother Nature. Producing blush tones, to purple and red, the main characters of these diamonds are tone and hue. Tone summarises the saturation or intensity of the colour; hue summarises the colour itself. An example of this is:

Tone: "Fancy Vivid". Plus hue: "Purplish Pink"  = a Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Diamond. Known on the colour chart as 1PP.

Understanding these delicate intricacies takes years of training, and only a handful of jewellers have been named Select Pink Diamond Ateliers -- Calleija is one of only thirty worldwide. Select Ateliers specialise in grading and valuing Pink Diamonds, such extremely coveted collectables. There really are so few of them in the world. I urge everyone to consider investing in a Pink Diamond for their extreme rarity, beauty and ability to escalate in value year on year -- even moreso than white diamonds.

So to answer your question Melissa, Pink Diamonds most certainly are real and, per carat, are the world’s most portable, beautiful and valuable forms of wealth. I love them for their alluring grace, subtle colour and mesmerising aura. View more of our Pink Diamond Collection on the 'Collections' tab above.

Calleija's beautiful "Bella Rosa" Pink Diamond