John Calleija's first special creation

Thank you to Facebook friend, Donna Davis, for her question to John Calleija:

"What was the first piece of jewellery you gave to someone special? Why? And to whom?"

JC: I have many incredible people in my life, but the most special is my beautiful wife, Noni, who I met nearly twenty years ago. On our first Valentine’s Day together, I remember making her a beautiful yellow and white gold necklace embedded with stunning pave white diamonds in the shape of a heart. I had spent several weeks sketching the necklace, ensuring that the finished design would fit, sit and look perfect on her. There were many details within the setting, in particular some fine piercing on the back of the gallery, where our names were inscribed as a lasting memory. Since then, I have made her many beautiful pieces, and we have shared many Valentine’s Days together, but that Valentine’s Day remains very special to me.  

John and Noni Calleija at the 2007 opening of the Calleija London boutique